Giving Thanks for the Timberwolves

What I’m thankful for as a Timberwolves fan:

1. Two Words:  Craig. Smith.

2. Randy Foye

3. Great fellow fans – CW and Dice:  You’re amazing!

4. A dance team full of amazing people

5. That Western Conference Finals run in ‘04

6. Being given a trip to the first playoff game of that ‘04 run

7. Getting to watch this team live 11 times in my life, since I’m from Jersey

8. NBA League Pass: ’nuff said

9. Having a cool girlfriend who gives me awesome gifts like my personalized “DeROK” authentic Wolves jersey

10. That we’re not the Denver Thuggets


Am I forgetting anything????


11.  Oh yeah – The Big Ticket.  Thank you to Kevin Garnett for twelve great years.  I hope I’m sitting here next year thanking you for thirteen.  But regardless, it’s been an awesome ride!

Derek Hanson

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Doctor by day, blogger by night, Derek Hanson founded the Bloguin Network and TWolves Blog. He is one of the original Timberwolves fans, hailing back to 1989.