Kevin Garnett – “The Fifth Stage

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As a medical student, I’m well versed in “The Five Stages of Grief”.  It’s an important concept to understand when you’re dealing with people who are coping with extremely difficult circumstances on a daily basis.  And while the current circumstances that Timberwolves fans are facing are nowhere near as serious as cancer or some other debilitating illness, we are still struggling to come to grips with the fact we may be losing someone we love very soon.

[image] Five views of Kevin Garnett
If Kevin Garnett leaves, Timberwolves fans must learn to cope… [image2]

With every mounting loss, it becomes increasingly likely that Kevin Garnett will walk into Glen Taylor office and ask for a trade.  And after each blown lead or 20-point meltdown, Wolves fans are reminded that the day we’ve dreaded for song long may be right around the corner.  Unless this Timberwolves team receives a heart transplant, KG may be good as gone. Faced with such a ominous possibility, it’s only natural for us to begin to brace ourselves for the dream-shattering news.  It’s the body’s natural defense against the pain.  And so one by one, we enter into the five stages…

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