Mike James: “We Really Are A Good Team”

Note:  This article appears on The Minnesota Timberwolves Den at DeROK.Net (And it was written before the Wolves beat the Rockets.  Yup, positivity goes a long way…)

After the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the 76ers to pull their lackluster record to 7-9, the Wolves broadcast team conducted an interview with point guard Mike James.  It was your typical post-game chat; nothing really special. But amongst the usual cliche’s an congratulations, was a comment by Mike James that really stuck with me. 

[image] Mike James of the Timberwolves
Mike James sees only big things in the Timberwolves’ future. [image2]

He said, “We really are a good team.” 

Now to most, if not all, of you reading this, that seems like a fairly benign comment.  I mean, that’s what players are supposed to say.  Nobody that wants to keep out of their coach’s dog house, would say they were a bad team, right?  But it seemed to me like it was more than just a politically correct statement. It seemed like Mike James actually believed it. 

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