Minnesota Timberwolves: Making the Grade

Five games into the Timberwolves season, things aren’t quite as good as we’d all hoped.  Sure, the first two game were amazing, but who gets in trouble on the first day of school?  The Wolves behavior has been less than stellar over their three-game skid.  And that means it’s time for every kid’s worst fear: The note home…

[image] craig smith drives into the lane
Who would have expected rookie Craig Smith to be at the top of his class? [image2]

Mark Blount: Mrs. Blount, your son has had the reputation of being lazy for quite some time.  While he’s not exactly a “hustler”, he’s shown some major improvement this year.  If he can continue his current level of play, I think everyone will be happy. But like everyone on his team, we’re always looking for him to step up even more.  Grade: B+

Ricky Davis: Mrs. Davis, while it’s true that your son is the Timberwolves third leading scorer, at only 11.2 ppg, it’s hardly something to write home about.  Well actually, in this case, I guess it is.  It may seem a like he’s being picked on, getting all the heat in the press, when there are several other teammates who aren’t producing nearly as well.  But to whom much is given, much is expected.  And your son just isn’t living up to his potential.  And that “roaches” comment of his will earn him a trip to the principal’s office next time.  Grade: C-

Randy Foye: Mrs. Foye, your son has shown a lot of promise so far.  I’m sorry that he hasn’t seen more playing time, but given the performance of most of his peers, that should change very quickly.  Keep up the good work!  Grade: A-

[ad2] Kevin Garnett:  Mrs. Garnett, Kevin is a star student, as always.  But I’d like to add that I’m really impressed with the increased role as a leader this year.  He’s the glue keeping this team together.  Had he not missed that final shot in Portland, this would be an A+.  Grade: A

Eddie Griffin:  Mrs. Griffin, it pains me to say that your son is once again failing to live up to his potential.  I don’t like to compare students, but he has a lot to learn from his colleague, Craig Smith.  He’s going to need to work, much harder if he wishes to make a genuine contribution to this team.  Grade:  D

Trenton Hassell:  Mrs. Hassell, for years your son has been a staple of the Timberwolves defense.  However, the Wolves have been quite lackluster when they don’t have the ball.  Unless Trenton picks up his D, or makes major strides on the offensive end, he’s in jeopardy of losing his starting role.  Grade:  C-

Troy Hudson:  Mrs. Hudson, you son teased us with two great games before reverting to his old ways.  It’s obvious that Troy can be a real asset to the team when he’s playing well, but those bad nights are far too frequent.  Grade:  C+

Mike James:  Mrs. James, your son has been a welcome addition to this team.  Despite a slow start, he’s becoming one off the pillars of this team.  While he’s the second leading scorer at 15.2 points per game, those numbers need to rise into the 20’s consistently for this team to have a real shot at success.  Grade:  A-

Marko Jaric:  Mrs. Jaric, Marko has made huge strides from his disappointing play last year.  However, this team desperately needs someone to step up, and your son is a prime candidate for that role.  If he can continue to build his confidence, he may even make it into the starting lineup soon. Grade:  B-

Justin Reed:  Mrs. Reed, I’m sorry that your son has not had ample court time this year.  I’m sure doing some extra home work will help him earn some more.  Grade:  Incomplete

Craig Smith:  Mrs. Smith, you’ll be pleased to hear that your son has been the highlight of this young season so far.  I see big things for him in the future.  If this team is going to succeed, it appears that he and Randy will need to shoulder a large part of this team’s load.  It’s a tall order for two young gentlemen, but your son has given every indication that he’s up to the task.  I coulnd’t be more pleased with his progress.  Grade:  A+

Bracey Wright:  Mrs. Wright, your son needs continued work on his game.  But continue to encourage him as their may be a need he could fill in the future.  Grade:  Incomplete

Dwane Casey:  Mrs. Casey, your son is is serious jeopardy of losing his job. He needs to establish a set rotation, and hold his players accountable.  If that means starting two rookies because they show the most effort and give the best results, so be it.  Catering to individuals who are obviously not living up to their potential is not a good way to ensure his team’s success.  Those who produce should play.  And those who don’t should work harder to earn their minutes.  And if anyone has a problem with that, they should be directd to The Big Ticket.  It’s that simple. 

Also, some semblance of a game plan would be much appreciated.  It’s amazing what having offensive sets can do to bolster scoring. 

Grade:  D+

Minnesota Timberwolves:  Mr. McHale, your team has shown a lot of promise, but that needs to translate into wins.  You should be actively shopping some of your underachievers in hopes of adding some more bulk in the low post.  It also might not be a bad idea to begin looking at some coaching resume’s. 

Grade:  B-


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