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I had an article almost completed detailing possible trade destinations for KG this season, and what we could reasonably expect to receive in return. However, the more I typed and considered each possibility, the more depressed I became. We shouldn’t trade KG. I don’t want to trade KG. We can’t trade KG.

[image] Kevin Garnett at the scorer's table
KG “does his thing” before the dismantling of Portland [image2] 

So, for now, the article is going back on the shelf. In light of the great victory last night and Derok’s stellar KG article he posted yesterday, I just can’t bring myself to finish and post an article about trading KG… at least not in good faith. If we go on a terrible run and we start to hear some rumblings from KG’s corner, perhaps then I will finish it.

Is it selfish for me to not want to trade KG? Maybe? A little bit, perhaps? I don’t care. KG IS the Minnesota Timberwolves. I don’t even want to think of going to games without seeing number 21 on the court. It wouldn’t be right. It would be like ordering ribs from MacDonalds…it’s just something you don’t do, no matter how nummy people say they are.

Would trading KG help the team? Honestly, I don’t know anymore. How can losing one of the top 10 players in the NBA help any team? I guess our team might be better off over the next ten years, but trading KG puts us squarely back to stage one: rebuilding. Some people might argue that all we are doing is spinning our wheels with KG, and that he should be traded for young players, expiring contracts, and draft picks. The only thing I know about trading KG, is that if we did, the Wolves would sure as hell be a lot less fun team to watch.

On a more positive note, the Wolves sure looked a lot better last night getting on track against Portland didn’t they? We had our feet on the accelerator from the get go, breaking out to an early 22-5 lead. Zach Randolph was the only reason this game was even close; he had ten of their entire eleven first quarter points.

KG only had to play 34 minutes last night, which is good for his knees. He still emphatically filled up the stat shee with 20 points, 13 boards, 7 assists, 5 blocks, and 3 steals. What a night! Craig Smith played another solid 14 minutes and Mark ‘Mad dog’ Madsen was able to come back from his injury and provide 16 minutes of banging down low for our team. Madsen didn’t exactly fill out the stat sheet, but any extended minutes of rest for KG is easily much better than results for Madsen in a game the Wolves had under control from the beginning.

The other two guys whom played stupendous were Mike James and Ricky Davis (finally.) Mike James was taking it to the hoop with authority all night long. A very solid effort by the free agent PG signee. Ricky Davis finally came to life this season and played like the guy we all know that he can be. It seemed like he was mired in an early season slump that he rebounded from convincingly. In a convincing effort he went 11-18 from the field for 27 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and zero “Cockroach” comments.

Our turnovers weren’t great but not terrible either, with 16. I’d still like to see that number go down, especially with all the veteran starters on our squad. However, with Stone Hands Blount and Walking Turnover Machine Hudson, that’s no sure thing. Also, our three point shooting is still questionable. We shot 37.5%, but only went 3-8. That is still something that needs to show drastic improvement as the season goes on. Mike James had one good game from behind the arc where he went 3-4 I believe, but no one else has really had any other great games from behind the arc yet this season.

The Wolves built up a 26 point lead en route to winning 101-89. Our reserves let up and squandered some our 26 point lead, but so what. It was still a resounding win, especially after choking away the 16 point first quarter lead last week in Portland. KG needed this, the Wolves needed this, and us fans needed this win.

Where will this season go from here? That’s a good question. I’m still stoked for this squad, don’t get me wrong. The four game losing streak was just disappointing and a little trying. The nice victory last night against Portland will be going a long way towards shaking off any of those negative vibes. Can we win it all with the squad we have assembled? I’d say no, not even close. Could we mount one heck of a run with a few tweaks, experience for our rookies, and a healthy KG? I’d say…heck yes. Another experienced, veteran bigman that places an emphasis on rebounding would be nice, as would doing something to alleviate the logjam at the 1,2, and 3 positions. Also, I’d never, ever, complain about us trading Troy Hudson. We’ll see what our front office has in store as the season plays out. Keep the faith.

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