My Worst Nightmare – Kevin Garnett to the Lakers

First off, I’d like to mention that I don’t cook up these trade scenarios because I feel bad for Kevin Garnett.  I honestly think no title would ever mean as much to his legacy as playing his entire career in Minnesota.  I also don’t look at these things because I want to see him gone.  It would be like a stab to the heart if I ever turned on my computer and saw that headline across’s front page. 

[image] Kevin Garnett to the Lakers
A real-life Hollywood Horror… [image2]

[ad2] The reason I take the time to figure out these possibilities is twofold:  One, it helps me mentally prepare for the worst day of my sports life.  And two, things are so miserable with the Timberwolves at the moment, I can’t help but wonder if both KG and Wolves fans would end up being a lot happier in the long run if they parted ways.  KG gets his ring and the fans get a ray of hope in the slew of young players and picks they’d receive.  Ultimately neither of those things will mean as much as sticking together and seeing this thing through, no matter how tough it is.  But after double-digit losses to the hated Denver Thuggets, sometimes taking the time to peak at possibilities helps to numb the pain. 

That all being said, I think my head would explode if this trade ever went down.  I feel about as much love for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers as I do for Osama and the Taliban.  So watching KG donned in purple and gold and deferring to Mamba, would be like watching Superman team up with Lex Luthor and use his super-strength to throw a school bus full of children off a bridge.  It’s my worst nightmare.  But at the same time, it’s also the second-most-likely outcome should the Wolves front office decide to make a move.  And with the Bulls faltering, and the Knicks an actual threat to win the pathetic Atlantic Division and ruin their draft pick, Chicago isn’t as pristine a trading partner as I initially thought. 

So here’s the trade:

Minnesota Trades: Kevin Garnett, Troy Hudson

Minnesota Receives: Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown, Maurice Evans, Travis Outlaw, Juan Dixon, Jamaal Magliore, Aaron McKie, Portland’s 2007 1st Round Pick, Los Angeles’ 2007 1st Round Pick, Los Angeles’ 2009 1st Round Pick. 


Los Angeles Trades:  Lamar Odom, Andew Bynum, Kwame Brown, Maurice Evans, Aaron McKie, Los Angeles’ 2007 1st Round Pick, Los Angeles’ 2009 1st Round Pick.

Los Angeles Receives: Kevin Garnett, Troy Hudson


Portland Trades:  Travis Outlaw, Juan Dixon, Jamaal Magloire, Portland 2007 1st Round Pick

Portland Recieves:  Lamar Odom


Why Los Angeles Trades:  They’re getting Kobe the teammate he needs to run off another three-peat.  Enough Said.

Why Los Angeles Doesn’t Trade:  I really don’t know.  Lamar, Bynum, and Brown will never give the Lakers what Garnett does.  The trade leaves them a little short on big men.  But with Walton still around, and the MLE to spend, they should be able to shore up those spots.  And those picks are going to be in the high 20’s, so they’re not too big of a deal. 


Why Portland Trades:  Lamar is head and shoulders a better player than either Outlaw or Dixon.  Magloire is basically a throw-in to make salaries work. 

Why Portland Doesn’t Trade:  They’re adding yet another fat contract to an already bloated payroll, and they give up a pick.  The question really is, “if you’re Portland, do you want another project, or a proven player?”


Why Minnesota Trades:  Five young players with a lot of upside.  Three draft picks.  And some financial help as well.

Why Minnesota Doesn’t Trade:  It’s the equivalent of selling your soul to the devil. 


Again, massive trades like this are extremely unlikely.  But I think it’s a decent framework to start with.  Things I’d consider changing are dropping Troy Hudson from the equation in order to swap Kwame Brown for Luke Walton.  Or perhaps finding a taker for Kwame in exchange for another 1st Round draft pick to the Wolves.  Otherwise, I like the deal for the Wolves, except for the location that Garnett would end up in. 

Let me know what you think about the trade in terms of how realistic/fair it is.  Either comment, or chat it up in the forum.  I’d love to know what you think! 


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