Timberwolves Countdown #2 – “Reflection”

It was a night that no Timberwolves fan will ever forget.  The Timberwolves, leading their playoff series with the Denver Nuggets 3-1, were poised to break out of the first-round after seven years of failure.  In my last article before that momentous occasion, I took a moment to look back at all the Wolves had endured.  This piece is #2 of my Top 10 Favorite Timberwolves Articles.

[image] reflection
It was time to take one last look at sever years of heartache. [image2] 

Somewhere along the line, Kevin Garnett broke a mirror.  It’s the only explanation for the unprecedented series of playoff frustrations that he has endured.  Seven first round playoff exits.  Seven years bad luck.  I’m sure when that mirror came crashing down at his feet, Garnett had no idea that his dreams of post-season success were shattered along with it.  But since that fateful day, Kevin’s spent every moment trying to pick up all the pieces and put everything back together again.  It’s been an incredibly long journey.  It’s also been an incredibly difficult one.  Every time it’s seemed like things were finally starting to turn around, they twisted again, unexpectedly, and left him back where he started.  Each time he thought that the last blow had been dealt, there was another right hook heading towards his jaw.  And throughout all of this, Kevin just kept on going.  Even though he didn’t know where he’d end up, he kept moving forward.  A lesser man would have given up.  No one could have blamed him if had.  But Garnett wasn’t content with that life.  He wouldn’t compromise himself for an easier road.  Instead, Kevin shouldered the burden of all the unmet expectations.  He took every criticism and let it fuel him.  He kept fighting for himself, his teammates, and every fan. 

Kevin continues to pick up the pieces.  And as he stares at each one he sees a small reflection of the person he used to be.  In one, there’s the image of a young star-in-the-making taking a franchise to the playoffs for the first year.  Everyone marvels at the potential they see in him and his point guard partner.  As disappointing as being swept is, the fans of Minnesota are still in awe of what the years to come will bring.  If only they knew…

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