Timberwolves Countdown #8 – “The Russian Is Cut!”

After getting blown out in Game 1 of their first round series with the Lakers, the Timberwolves struck back with one of their most memorable games in history. The article covering that game is #8 in my Top 10 favorite Wolves articles.

[image] troy hudson of the timberwolves
Troy Hudson and the Wolves drew blood in their battle with the Lakers. [image2]

No Chance…

That’s what everyone was giving the Timberwolves after the shellacking they received from the Lakers in Game 1 of the series.  They seemed to forget the fact that Kobe was playing at a beyond human level and that the rest of the team was scorching from three-point land.  What were the chances of that happening even one more time in the series?  Nevertheless, it was doom and gloom all around.  Writers were already talking about the L.A./San Antonio series even though both were far from being wrapped up.  The majority of the T-Wolves fans were looking at draft prospects and possible off-season trades.  Talks of sweeps and four-peats abounded.  And even though I tried my hardest to keep focused, there was still this voice nagging me saying that there was just no way we’d be able to take four of six from these guys.  I know the Lakers were playing at a super high level in game one and were bound to come down.  But they had 18 points to come down.  Even though we played well in the first game, I still wasn’t sure that we’d be able overcome Kobe and Meathead.  We had the fourth best record in the NBA.  We had home-court advantage.  And yet, we were the biggest underdogs out of all the playoff teams. 

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