Timberwolves Countdown #9 – “My Team. My Time.”

This article appeared on the Minnesota Timberwolves Den at DeROK.Net back in April of ‘05.  It’s Number 9 of my Top 10 favorite Wolves articles.

[image] kevin garnett is depressed
The 2004-2005 NBA Season was a tough test for Kevin Garnett and his fans. [image2]

I can’t believe I’m writing this.  It’s only been eighty-one games.  Yet I’m writing my eulogy for this Timberwolves season that is for all intents and purposes, dead.  There’s still one remaining game this evening against the San Antonio Spurs.  It was a date I had circled months ago as one that might determine who gets the top seed in the West for the 2005 playoffs.  But in the light of present circumstances, it’s a game that has been rendered meaningless, except for the fact that its conclusion will finally lower the curtain on the biggest disappointment in this franchise’s history.  So in reality, this season is still alive.  But it’s fate is sealed, and after forty-eight more minutes of basketball the life-support is getting unplugged. 

Many would say that the season was over as of Sunday’s loss to the Sonics.  Some were calling it quits after the inexcusable loss to Atlanta a week earlier.  Perhaps it was the heartless fall to the Grizzlies which gave Memphis the tie-breaker that really did them in.  Others point to the losses to the expansion Bobcats and suspension-riddled Pacers that ultimately set the stage for the collapse.  And if you really want to get down to it, perhaps this year was doomed all the way back in the pre-season when personal agendas took precedence over the teams title aspirations. 

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