Updated NBA Power Rankings: 12.11.06

I know, I know… I’ve been slacking. I really wanted to do a Power Rankings every two weeks or so, but I’ve been busier than I would like lately. However, I promise I’ll update them at least once a month minimum. That’s not too much to ask, is it? 

The number in parenthesis’s () is the ranking of the team from the previous update. I was going to leave the Over/Under Win Total analysis up, but that seems like a bit much. If you want to go back and review my picks, feel free to check out the “NBA Preview and Vegas Lines” analysis under the FEATURED POSTS section on the bottom right side of the blog.

Without further ado, here are the updated rankings for 12.11.06:

This update’s High Riser: Magic – 15 spots

This update’s Biggest Loser: Sixers – 13 spots


The Contenders :

1. (1) Spurs: 15-6

I can’t justify taking them out of the top spot, especially with Ginobli coming back healthy. They still have one of the top records in the league and have done nothing to lose the top spot.

2. (10) Suns: 13-6

Winners of ten straight games in a row; going for number eleven tonight against Orlando. I’d put them at number 1, but I think the Spurs are still a better team.

3. (4) Mavericks: 14-6

Battled back from their worst start in many years to respectability in a tough Western Conference. Personally, I think AI would be the perfect fit for this team. They could give up Devin Harris, Croshere, favorable contracts, Filler, Draft picks etc. Could AI put the Mavs over the top? I think so.

4. (13) Jazz: 15-5

They started off as the hottest team in the league, but have cooled a bit as of late. If they remain healthy they should finish strong, but don’t look for them to keep playing like they did the first 15 games.

5. (6) Lakers: 14-6

They have been playing consistently well so far this early season, including a recent resounding win against my number one ranked team, the Spurs.

6. (5) Pistons: 13-7

The Pistons are winners of their last two games in a row, including 8 out of the last ten. Coupled with a weak Eastern Conference, this is one of the few teams with “Contender Status”


The Pretenders:

7. (7) T-Wolves: 10-9

The 10-9 record isn’t spectacular but they have been playing some blistering ball as of late, winning four in a row and seven of the last ten. They had a few tough road losses or else they could be second in the Northwest Division. Will they or won’t they trade for AI? Could it help us mount an attack on the title or kill our chemistry?

8. (23) Magic: 15-7

They are winners of seven out of the last ten and also command the best record in the Eastern conference…. However, one must be wary because the East is so weak.

9. (11) Bulls: 10-10

Another team with a less than stellar overall record, but have been tearing it up as of late with a recently ended seven game win streak… but none other than your Minnesota Timberwolves.

10. (14) Rockets: 14-6

Have been playing well as of late, led by the best center in the league… the immortal YAO. However, it looks like T-Mac’s back may be taking a turn for the worst. Again.

11. (2). Clippers: 10-9

Started off by losing their first seven consecutive games on the road (including at Target Center!) but are 10-2 otherwise. Not shabby. They are also still a dark horse in the AI rumors, who would substantially help their team.

12. (3) Cavaliers: 12-7

A big drop off from the first Rankings, but they have only been playing so-so as of late. Also, they are only 12-7 in the very weak Eastern Conference. Hard to put them above many Western Conference teams with similar records.


Not Quite Over the Hump:

13. (19) Nuggets: 11-7

Unfortunately, by virtue of remaining records, I have to put them here.

14. (22) Seattle: 10-11

Have won three in a row in the tough Western Conference with Ray Allen nursing injuries, what’s not to love?

15. (8) Pacers: 11-11

In the Eastern Conference, everyone is still in it.

16. (12) Heat: 8-11



The Outside Looking In:

17. (9) Hornets: 9-10

This team with a good mix of vet’s and young studs can only get better as the season goes on.

18. (26) Warriors: 10-11

What have you done for me lately? Not a whole lot… but still better than the rest.

19. (21) Kings: 9-10

It was between them and Washington. They play in the Western Conference. Therefore, they are ranked #19.

20. (16) Washington: 9-11

Just barely missed out on spot #19 due to Arenas’ scorching hot play as of late. They are doing there best to thread water, but Arenas can only do so much on his own.

21. (20) Trailblazers: 8-14

The last team other than Boston or the Knicks with a current winning streak (1 game). And the Knicks play Boston tonight….

22. (15) New Jersey: 7-12

 I suppose… seeing as how they are in first place in their division. And they have lost three in a row. And their division is the worst division in all of professional sports.


Better Order NBA League Pass:  

23. (18) Bucks: 8-12

Running out of positive things to say…

24. (28) Hawks: 8-11

Very deceiving record since they actually started off very strong, for once.


The Greg Oden Sweepstakes:

25. (24) Raptors: 7-13

Lucky for them they play in the Eastern conference and are somehow only .5 games out of first place in the worst division in all of professional sports. HINT: It’s the same division as the Nets.

26. (29) Knicks: 8-14

Started off the same way they ended lastly year, namely, very pathetic. However, they have been coming on strong thanks to Curry’s magnificent play of late.

27. (30) Celtics: 6-13

Soon to be 7-13 after tonight’s ongoing pasting of the Knicks.

28. (25) Grizzlies: 5-15

Gasol won’t be out forever, and they have had a ridiculously difficult early schedule.

29. (27) Bobcats: 5-15

I was letdown. I kinda thought the youngin’s would be playing better. I guess they still have time, it’s early.

30. (17) 76ers: 5-14

I wonder if Greg Oden likes Philly?


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