A Classic KG Article From The Onion

I was checking out The Onion’s website, and spotted this great article about the reason KG stayed in Minnesota for so many years.

Kevin Garnett: ‘I Want To Stay In Minnesota Because I Like Losing’

MINNEAPOLIS—Star forward Kevin Garnett reiterated his desire to remain
with the third-place 26-30 Timberwolves—the team with which he has lost
for 11 seasons—claiming that he simply enjoys being defeated by far
superior teams on a regular basis. "To me, there is no feeling quite
like losing. I’ve always said that losing is the most important thing,
and I feel like I can lose in Minnesota this year as well as for years
to come," Garnett said. "Sure, I might have a better chance of losing
in Memphis or Milwaukee, but it would just be more special to lose in
front of the fans in Minnesota." Garnett added that a playoff
appearance this year would not change his mind, as he has been waiting
since 2004 to get another chance to lose on basketball’s biggest stage.

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