Foye’s Tattoo, Green’s Amputated Finger, Dicky Ravis, And More

Here are six things you might not have known about a few T’Wolves players…

Randy Foye has a tattoo of his mother on his chest:

The 22-year-old was an orphan before he started first grade. His
father, Tony Zigelo, was killed in a motorcycle accident when Foye was
3, and his mother, Regina Foye, walked out on him and his younger
brother a few weeks after Foye finished kindergarten. He was raised by
his grandmothers, Ruth Martin and Betty Foye, shuttling between their
houses in Newark.

[Foye] celebrated [his 22nd birthday] by getting a tattoo of the mother who left him on his chest.

"If my mom was here today, she would probably be the most important
person in my life," he said. "I know how I treat my grandmother and I
put my grandmother in her place on a pedestal. I just felt as if I
needed something of her attached to me, so I just put her over my

Gerald Green had part of a finger amputated when he was a kid:

Green plays with only four and a half fingers on his
shooting hand. Kid ripped his ring finger on a nail when he was about eight,
doctors were forced to amputate down to the knuckle, and Green learned to hoop
a few years later, working on getting the right touch on his jumper despite the

Rashad McCants thinks he’s a library book:

"I would say I’m more compared to that one book in the
library that stands out, but there’s not a name on it. It’s just a big, old,
black book with no words. You open the book and you start to read and you get
more and more interested as you read."

Big Al wishes he would have started taking basketball seriously at an earlier age:

II could change one thing about my life, I wish I could go
back to the ninth grade and work even harder on my game than I did. I feel I’d
be 10 times better than I am now if I really took it seriously in ninth grade.
I’d like to go back with the mind I have now and do it over.

Juwan Howard guest-starred in an episode of The West Wing:

Howard had a small role in The West Wing, appearing as
"Mr. Grant", a former college basketball player currently working on
the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, where he joins a pick-up
basketball game with the fictional President Josiah Bartlet against some of his staffers when the President appeared to
be losing. It is later revealed that he won the game for the President.

And finally, some NBA players use fake names to maintain their privacy when on the road, and Ricky Davis happens to be one of those players.  He uses a very well thought-out phony name: Dicky Ravis.

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