Grumblings of a Wolves Fan

I’ll take a cue from College Wolf’s “Musings of a Wolves Fan” and call this post my “Grumblings”.  Because after ten straight days of having to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to school and lots of studying and late nights “on call”, I’m a little bit cranky and definitely very, very tired. 

It also doesn’t help that the Wolves appear incapable of getting out of their 55 game rut of inconsistent play.  As the trading deadline’s passed, a miracle move to save the season or a franchise-altering blockbuster deal are now out of the question.  Can the Wolves somehow get it together and grab that eighth playoff spot?  History and my mind say “No”.  But of course, the eternal optimist in me says “Definitely”. 

Anyway I haven’t had time to watch a Wolves game in forever.  But there’s plenty of Timberwolves talk going on in our forum.  If you’re a Wolves fan, you should definitely check it out and join the conversations.  We’ve got…

“The Wolves Elimination Game”

Lot’s of speculation on KG’s future with the team

Discussions and recaps of ever game

And perhaps most impressively, the forum is the official home for all things related to SILENT ABABU!

Who’s SILENT ABABU! you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to check out the forum and find out for youself!


In other completely non-related but entertaining news…

DeROK.Net has got some nice updates for any of you television/pop-culture buffs out there.

The “24″ Season 6 Running Diary is coming along very nicely

There’s also the Survivor: Fiji Blog for any fans of the show

And last but not least, some classic “Saved By The Bell” videos.

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