I’m Calling You Out, Wolves Marketing

As Sonia mentioned earlier today, the
Wolves introduced a "See What They Can Do" Tour
, which will lead
up to the home opener on November 2.  Kudos to the Wolves for holding
events at area elementary schools, the Waite House, and a brand new learning
and rec center.

Many of the non-charity events focus on impressing the VIPs…corporate
sponsors, rich season ticket holders (Jimmy Jam, Superfan), and people who are
members of the various exclusive clubs at Target Center.

That’s fine…I completely understand the need to secure the support of people
who can provide the organization with some serious cash.

So, the Wolves seem to be doing a solid job of reaching out to the community
and their crowd of rich dudes.  But they forgot a significant group.

The real fans.

You know, the people who are stuck in the upper level…the people who can’t
afford the good seats (the good seats are generally reserved for corporate
people who could give a crap about the team, and leave midway through the third
quarter).  You know, the people who can make or break the gameday
atmosphere at Target

And last year, the atmosphere at Target
Center was like that of a
funeral home, only with less energy.

I don’t doubt that there are some hardcore fans in those VIP groups that
the Wolves seem to be so enamored with in their tour. But the Wolves
should be more concerned with reaching out to a more…I don’t know,
"normal" group of fans.

To do so, the Wolves must take a peek at the Twins’ "Get to Know
‘Em" marketing campaign.  Those ads gave Twins fans an opportunity
to feel an attachment to the players, and as a result, interest in the team rose.

With a completely new crowd of guys on the team, the Timberwolves could
generate a ton of interest by properly introducing the Pups to the fans. 
And no, I’m not talking about the fans who have courtside season tickets…I’m
talking about the kinds of fans who have the power to fill the upper deck…or
leave it completely empty.

Timberwolves marketing staff: Listen up.  First, replicate the Twins
"Get to Know ‘Em" campaign.  It worked for them, and it can work
for you.

Second, get the new guys to actually mingle a little with the average
rubes…in other words, make them more accessible to the fanbase.  Make the
fans feel an attachment to this new crowd of youngsters.  And show that these
supposedly-snobby NBA stars are a little more personable and appreciative to
the fans than people might’ve expected.

These young players present a golden opportunity to the Wolves…Twins fans
felt a genuine connection to Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, and Joe Mauer as those guys
rose to stardom, and the same can happen at 600 First Avenue.

Mr. Taylor, you can thank me later.  I accept cash and credit, just so
you know.

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