Juwan & Telfair News, KG Rips The Wolves

Quick notes as we get ready for Wednesday’s Wolves/Celtics game…

*As I figured, Juwan Howard is willing to stay with the Wolves, despite his desire to play for a winning team.  I almost never feel sorry for professional athletes, but I’ve gotta admit…I can definitely see why Juwan wants out.  His career is coming to an end, and he just wants to win a few ballgames.  Can you blame him?

With that in mind, I’ve gotta give him some credit…he’s displayed total professionalism over these past few weeks, by stating that he’d be cool with becoming a mentor to the younger players on this squad.  He’s handled this situation very well, and it’s apparent that Wittman doesn’t need to worry about Howard being a problem in the locker room (if Juwan does indeed remain with the team).

*Doogie says that Sebastian Telfair has been a pleasant surprise in training camp…and frankly, I wasn’t expecting to hear the phrase "pleasant surprise" used in a description of Telfair.  Who knows, maybe this change of scenery is helping Sebastian to finally get his act together.

The Wolves could certainly use the help at point guard.  I’ve heard Freddie Hoiberg say that he’d like to see Foye get decent minutes at shooting guard…unless Telfair can contribute, though, Foye will need to play almost exclusively at point guard.  So for Foye’s sake, let’s just hope Sebastian can prove to us that he deserves to be on this team.

*Finally today, a quote from KG: "In 13 years, this is the best camp I’ve been
involved with by far…I’ve never experienced a lot of
things that have been going on. But you can definitely tell a
difference in the organizations. It’s revived me, I will say that. I’m
having a lot of fun."

KG, KG…I love ya, but it’s time to move on.  Believe me, us Wolves fans are perfectly aware that this organization is run by a bunch of clowns…you don’t need to tell us that.  You’re not making any new revelations.  It’s over, done with.  Sorry, but there’s absolutely no reason for you to publicly rip the Wolves, two months after the trade.

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