Kevin Garnett to Phoenix: Done Deal?

I’m not one to put much stock in internet message board rumors.  In fact, having a trade from a “source” on a message board nearly guarantees that the trade isn’t actually going to happen.  How do I know this?  Because I too have “sources” and I don’t post the information they give me on my websites or anywhere else on the internet.  I know that the second I post is the second the information stops flowing.  “Sources” aren’t going to share secrets with blabbermouths.  And I like getting my information, so I keep my mouth shut. 

[ad2] There’s a say that’s popular among the inner circles of the sports world.  “Those who know don’t talk.  And those who talk don’t know.”  So any time some anonymous poster hops on a message board and decided to start spouting his inside information, you can almost be guaranteed that you’re reading a publicity stunt. 

So with all that being said, why am I about to make a front page post about a potential “KG to the Suns” trade that I read on a message board?  Because this one seems to actually have some validity.  I’m not saying it’s valid from anything I’ve heard, because I’m completely in the dark on this one.  And if I had heard anything, I wouldn’t be posting it here as per the above paragraphs.  No, this one appears to be valid based on the presentation of the post and the way it subsequently played out.  I’ll put the link on at the end, but before you go jumping down to the thread, take a moment to look at why I think this may be valid, so you can judge for yourself.

1. No specifics – The fact that nobody other than Garnett and Phoenix was mentioned make this rumor appear to be more valid.  If the general premise of the trade has been settled, there’s probably some haggling going on regarding additional players and picks.  Somebody who says players A,B, and C are being traded for D,E,F, and G is most likely lying. By the time those thing are settled, the trade is on it’s way to David Stern’s offic. 

2. A supposed “valid” source.  – The moderator of the forum originally locked the thread because the whole “I’ve got a source” bit is against the forum rules.  However, after receiving private confirmation of the source, he reopend the thread.  Also, the poster is apparently a well-respected member, not some newbie trying to make waves.

3. The source was angry about the leak – Eventually, after a whirlwind started building around the post, the source contacted the moderator and told him to lock the thread.  Like I said, “People who know don’t talk.”  The fact that this supposed source didn’t like all the attention his leak was getting seems pretty realistic. 

4. Garnett to Phoenix makes a whole lot of sense. – The Suns have quite a few upcoming picks which they absolutely wouldn’t need if they got KG.  Their window to win is NOW and the Wolves window to win isn’t due to open for several years.  Swapping KG for a boatload of draft picks makes perfect sense.  

There’s debate as to whether Amare or Marion would be sent to Minnesota.  While Amare is a force to be reckoned with, I personally don’t know how well he’d fare in the Wolves’ system.  Also he has that whole “micro-fracture” thing going on and his game is mostly based on athleticism.  Something tells me he’s a Grant Hill waiting to happen.  I’d much rather have Marion, who could also be shopped for additional picks.  If the trade was orchestrated properly, the Wolves could be looking at 4-5 first rounders in return for Garnett.  That’s exactly what this team needs in return.

Also, if I had to pick a destination for Garnett, it would either be Dallas or Phoenix. Those places are nearly guaranteed rings.  The problem for me with Dallas is that between the Mark Cuban factor and the nice uniforms, I could be tempted to jump ship if things started getting to fun.  I just don’t see myself ever being a Phoenix Suns fan, which would make rooting for them as a 2nd team a lot less detrimental to my sports integrity. 

So there you have it.  I can honestly say I’m completely captivated by this development.  Maybe it’s some cleverly crafted internet ruse and I’ll look like a fool for posting this.  But then again, we just may be on the verge of ending an era in Minnesota…

Here’s the link: KG to Suns Thread


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