Leave Kevin McHale Alone!

How ****ing dare anyone out there make fun of Kevin McHale.  HE’S BEEN GOING THROUGH HARD TIMES!

He struggled through the decision to trade KG.  He lost five ****ing draft picks from the Joe Smith deal.  The Wolves were horrible, and now he’s trying to rebuild the team.  Sometimes he enjoys fishing on the lakes of Hibbing…SO WHAT?  LEAVE HIM ALONE!

All you people care about is wins, playoff appearances, and championship rings.  HE’S A HUMAN BEING!!!  HE BROUGHT JOY TO TIMBERWOLVES FANS IN 2004!!!  HE HELPED THE WOLVES REACH THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!!!  HE DRAFTED KEVIN GARNETT!!!  Leave Kevin McHale alone…

You don’t realize that McHale’s building a future dynasty, so all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.  His plan is called the "Blueprint for the Future," BUT ALL YOU PEOPLE CARE ABOUT IS THE PAST!!!

Stephon Marbury warned Sebastian Telfair about playing for Kevin McHale.  OH YEAH, STEPH?  WHAT ABOUT YOUR FRIEND, ISAIAH THOMAS?!?  YEAH, HE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO BUILD A BASKETBALL TEAM!


You guys are lucky he’s stayed in Minnesota for so long.  LEAVE KEVIN MCHALE ALONE!!!  Please!  He’s a human being!

Stephen A. Smith talked about professionalism, and said that if McHale was a professional, the Wolves would be a better team.  Speaking of professionalism, WHEN IS IT PROFESSIONAL TO BASH SOMEONE THAT’S GOING THROUGH A HARD TIME?!?!?  LEAVE MCHALE ALONE!!!

Please…leave Kevin McHale alone RIGHT NOW!  I mean it!!!

Anyone who has a problem with McHale can deal with me.  Because he’s not well right now.  Please…leave him alone.


***cough***if you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this video***cough***

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