Mark Cuban on KG

From Mike Fisher/Dallas Blog:
went after KG hard. But – and maybe I shouldn’t say this – dealing with
Minnesota was very tough. They didn’t want to trade him but they knew
they had to. I guess we’ve been on the other side of that, with guys we
had to trade that we didn’t want to trade. …


“We thought we were very close on
Draft Day. We were waiting for the phone to ring, we were waiting on a
call from Minnesota. It was that close. But it never turned out that
way. Our goal was to try to make a deal that wouldn’t hurt our roster
as it was. You don’t want to go out there with Dirk and KG and three
guys named Moe. You’ve got to have a team. We tried, but in the end, we
didn’t offer as good a deal as Boston."

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