Mercury News: T-Hud to sign with Golden State

Two people with
knowledge of the negotiations confirmed Friday that the Warriors have
agreed in principle with veteran point guard Troy Hudson on a one-year
contract. Hudson became a free agent in August after the Timberwolves
— their roster bloated by the five-for-one Garnett trade — agreed to
buy out the last two years of his contract at a cost of approximately
$10 million.

Hudson, 31, will receive $1.22 million this season, the minimum pay
allowed for a player with his 10 seasons of NBA experience. Per league
rules meant to make veteran free agents more attractive, the Warriors
will be reimbursed nearly $450,000.

Tim Kawakami/Mercury News says the Warriors were "most interested"  in signing Darrell Armstrong but that didn’t happen.
That led them to Hudson, who is 31, just got bought out of his
Minnesota deal, presumably will sign for the veterans minimum, and has
been known to play fast and to shoot from long distance in the playoffs.

Hudson has injury issues. But the Warriors were solely looking for a
guy who could fill in for Baron Davis if Davis got hurt, and could
maybe give them 8 good minutes a game when Davis is healthy, and Hudson
should give them that.


In the meantime, check out this You Tube video of Scientific dissing T-Hud’s rap career.  


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