Musings of a Wolves Fan: Wolves vs Seattle 3.27.07

Hmmm….  Good thing I was less than sober last night. That made this epic implosion much easier to stomach.  By the end we were definitely shaking our heads and laughing (manically, I might add.)

On the bright side, before the game I was resigned to the fact that there was no way we could lose to Seattle without Ray Allen at home, which would cost us valuable space in the reverse draft pick order seeding.  So, the loss isn’t too devastating at the time being.  (The future consequences are far graver: Not finishing games, having no passion, blowing leads, exhibiting terrible fundamentals, not “knowing how to win” etc.)  We are currently tied for 9th worst record with the Knicks and Kings.  So, we gotta keep losing to keep our pick, and with Utah (road), Miami, Orlando (road), and Cleveland coming up, we should be able to notch four straight losses.   It’s just too bad in the way that we manage to lose these games that we are hemorrhaging away.  I wonder if we are the laughing stock of the league yet?

Was it a tank job?  I don’t think so, I think we are just that bad.  I mean, why would we build up a 25 lead in the first place if we were tanking?  Wouldn’t that just bring even MORE suspicion to our loss from the league?  Also, if we were tanking, why not start or play the young guys more?  There would be no reason to play the starters and ineffective veterans heavy minutes.


 Some things that jumped out at me:

– KG had his 9 assists with 11 minutes to go in the third! How do you get 9 assists playing 18 minutes in the first half (and first minute of the third) and then NO MORE over the last 23 minutes of the game?  Preposterous.

– Our PG Defense:  It’s gotta be among the worst in the league.  Anyone with two eyeballs can see that for themselves.  Foye is a pogo stick out there and James simply can’t defend anyone.

– 25 Point collapse, AT HOME, Without Ray Allen, to a team actually worse than us:  How does that happen?  I’m not even mad anymore, I’m just wondering.  Someone needs to form a committee to research this.  I’m perplexed.  And it’s not like this was a one time thing… it happens ALL THE TIME.  See: The last Seattle game, Charlotte, Third game of the year vs Portland, first Lakers game at Target Center… (and these were just this year.)

– 71 points in the first half. 35 points in the second half:  Seattle’s “lock-down” defense surely bamboozled us that second half.  (Insert eye roll here)

– Rashard Lewis 21 point fourth quarter: Couldn’t draw up any defenses to stop him huh?  I guess I can understand that if we were to have double teamed him or something, Seattle has a plethora of guys on their team that can beat you in a variety of ways.  (Insert “Puke” emoticon here)

– Up by like 15 with 6 minutes to go:  Way to show some killer instinct.  Looks like you really want to be in the playoffs.

– KG 38 Minutes:  It’s not like he could have even been tired the second half, seeing as how he only played 17 minutes in the first half. So, that is in regard to last night’s game.  But for the rest of the season, what’s the point of playing him (at all really?)   Can’t we come up with a phantom injury like the last 7 games of last year?  Start all our young-ins, to give them experience and help us lose games in a less sickening way?  See if these young guys have what it takes and might someday “get it.”  Anyhow, that’s another story…

 – Everything else:  I could go on and on, but I do need to get work done today at some point.

Hopefully our Front Office realizes how completely inept and disfunctional this team truly is (doubtful.) Perhaps they will quit trying to sell us on making the playoffs as first round fodder for the Mavs.  Who are they kidding?  Our best course of action at this point is the draft….

Well, actually our BEST course of action is to clean house from top to bottom of this organization, but we all know that won’t happen.


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