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Alex and Frank over at BrewHoop started a bi-weekly MVP and ROY ranking system.  It will rotate amongst the contributing blogs every other week.  I was one of the esteemed panel members who was allowed to contribute and vote.  If you read Alex’s entry, you’ll find the entire rankings (10 players for MVP and 5 players for ROY) along with Alex’s comments and some "featured" comments from selected submissions.  Yours Truly even makes a few appearances.  Here’s my Top 3 MVP votes and my ROY vote.  To see the full standings after the first week, head over to BrewHoop.



1) KG: Despite snapping his consecutive double digit scoring streak, he’s still the best player on the team with the best record in the league.
2) Lebron: Hard to put him at number two with the Oscar Robinson-esque statistics that he’s putting up across the board.
3) Dwight Howard: Putting up sick numbers on one of the most improbable division leading teams of the early season.  Oh, and he’s leading the league in rebounds per game and Double-Doubles.



1) Kevin Durant: Despite an occasional “clunker” of a game, he has the ability to go out and put up 35 points in each and every game he plays… much like he did last Friday night.

The list of esteemed blogger participants, as well as the entire ranking list can be found over at BrewHoop for this first edition.

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