Notes on the Srimmage

I went to last night’s scrimmage with a few buddies.  Here are some observations:

1) The team was split into the black squad and the white squad.  The black squad included all five starters, Foye, McCants, Gomes, Jefferson, and Theophilus, plus Antoine Walker.  The white squad was everyone else.

2) We had our first Antoine Walker sighting.  He was in a suit for Friday night’s scrimmage, so tonight was the first chace to watch him play on the court.  He took the majority of his reps with the first team, spelling either Al Jefferson or Ryan Gomes when it was his turn in the rotation.  First thing, after hearing Riley’s comments on Antione’s conditioning, I was expecting Walker to resemble the mom on What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? but he looked like he’s always looked.  On a positive note about Walker, I know he chucks up a lot of threes, but he also knocks a lot of them down.  For a team with no real three point shooting, Walker, who typically is guarded by a small or power forward, can draw that defender out of the paint and spread the defense a little bit.

3) The players, in general, still have a tough time consistently hitting the wide open jumpers, including mid-rangers.  If these players can develop the mid ranger, I think it could easily translate to a couple Ws this season and compliment the strong post play this team has demonstrated this preseason.

4) Michael Doeac looks like he can be a competent reserve to spell the center.

5) We noticed that Juwan Howard was absent, and it turns out there was good reason as the team bought his contract out (only because I haven’t put up old news yet, so there it is).

6) Gerald Green, who I’ve been down on, played very well in the second scrimmage session.  He hit his open jumpers and looked generally better than he did in the preseason, although that’s not a huge accomplishment.  If he can play like he did in yesterday’s scrimmage, he will be able to contribute.

7) I don’t think point guard play can be accurately measured in this scrimmage.  Not too many avoidable turnovers from that position, though I think Bassy turned it over once by trying to be flashy instead of efficient.  Overall, I like Bassy’s play in the last game and during last night’s scrimmage.  Not much penetration into the paint by the PG position this season, but I don’t if that’s a reflection of the team’s scheme or the point guards.

That’s all I’ve got.  Looking forward to the season.

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