Preseason Updates 10/1

Craig Smith checks in from training camp in Istanbul via a diary on the team’s site.  
So, an hour later, we got to practice. Unfortunately, I’m
unable to participate because of my ankle (which looks really good and I might be back sooner than I thought).
Still, guys look good fighting through the jetlag and the 110-degree
gym. We finished practice, came back to the hotel, and I decided to
take a swim. The pool is open 24 hours and it’s right next to the bay
water (which you shouldn’t try alone because it can be a little scary).
Since I am the Rhino, I took a swim and that put me straight to sleep.
The second day came and went so fast. We have double sessions today and
there were, no joke, guys dying out there giving it all they had, and
I’m on the sideline riding a bike.
"It’s a fun place," shooting guard Ricky Davis said.
Davis, entering his 10th year in the league, has seen his name
circulated in trade rumors as the Wolves continue to mold their roster
for the regular season. But he’s a true veteran on a team featuring
nine players who are age 25 or younger.
"I’m going to go out and be the leader and be the guy they need," Davis said.
The Timberwolves site posts a transcript of a conference call from Coach Wittman in which he talks about training camp thus far. On Craig Smith’s ankle injury, Wittman says:
He’s a lot farther along from where I though he’d be after he turned
his ankle. I don’t really anticipate him (playing over here).


Marc Stein/ESPN has the Wolves dead last in his first power rankings of the season. The Celtics come in at #2.  
You suspect that Mr. McHale won’t mind starting Life After KG with what
has to be the most faraway training camp in NBA history. Can’t imagine
he’ll encounter too many disgruntled Wolves fans in Turkey.
Brian Mahoney/AP Sports on the Wolves and Celtics preseason matchup in London.
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