Robson on Foye and Jefferson

It was the Wolves media day this afternoon and this exchange with
Randy Foye was probably the most interesting conversation I had.

Who is the leader of this team? I asked Foye, point blank.

"I’ll take it," Foye said instantly. "I am the leader. There is
pressure in that but I like it. I don’t think there are a lot of people
in their career get a chance to say, `I was the leader of an NBA team.’
That’s how I am approaching things and how people approach me. I am the


Robson also said that Al Jefferson was "impressive."
It wasn’t clear to me whether he requested it or it was given to him by
management, but he will be ensconced in KG’s locker space, a
circumstance that he responded to with a nice blend of "I’m honored"
and "I’m not the least bit intimidated."


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