Thoughts Following the Preseason Opener

A few observations from today’s game:

*It was easy to see that this group hasn’t played together much.  The half-court offense looked rough…the ball movement could have been better, and the Wolves forced too many shots (they ended up shooting 33% from the field).

*The transition defense also needs work.  Efes Pilsen got too many easy baskets on the fast break.

*On the plus side, the Wolves were solid on the boards.  They outrebounded Efes Pilsen 68-47, with Gomes and Big Al combining to grab 30 of those boards.  Gomes, especially, looked great on the offensive glass…hopefully, his six offensive rebounds are a sign of things to come. 

Last year, I thought one of the Wolves’ major weaknesses was their lack of second-chance opportunities, so Gomes’ performance in today’s game is pretty promising.

*I can definitely see why Gerald Green is described as being extremely athletic, but having a low basketball IQ.  He made a few impressive plays in transition, while also making plenty of boneheaded decisions.  I mean, he took 15 shots in his 14 minutes of playing time.  Holy crap! 

*Foye had a rough game.  Both of his baskets came from beyond the arc…he didn’t have many opportunities to penetrate and create his own shot.  He also only had three assists.  As the team plays more games together and the chemistry grows, though, Foye’s effectiveness will increase exponentially.

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