Tidbits: Madsen’s Dance Moves, Ricky’s Chef, And More

About a week ago, I scoured the internet for interesting/strange tidbits that people might not have known about some Timberwolves players.  You guys seemed to enjoy it, so here’s some more pieces of random info about the Wolfies…

Being Ricky Davis’ personal chef is dangerous business:

The friend of a Timberwolves player is in hot water tonight.  The strange story starts with a stabbing outside of Ricky Davis’s apartment — when his personal chef gets stabbed with his own kitchen knife.  The stabbing happened at a high-rise luxury apartment building at the corner of 13th and Marquette Avenue, in downtown Minneapolis.

The victim had just moved from Chicago to Minneapolis to work for Ricky Davis.  Witnesses tell police the T-Wolves guard was out of town last night when things got out of control.  The witness, who asked to remain anonymous, says the victim is 33-year-old Alonge McClaid.  Davisrecently hired McClaid as his personal chef.  The witness says McClaid stumbled out of the elevator and staggered into the lobby, after being stabbed in the abdomen.

One of Mark Blount’s coaches from high school says the big man cheated on the SAT and used steroids:

A former coach of Mark Blount stated in a Manhattan federal courtroom that he arranged to have someone take Blount’s SAT and that he had injected the Celtics center with steroids when he needed to put some bulk on his skinny frame.

Recalling issues with Blount, Sanginiti told the prosecutor, “He couldn’t get the score on his SAT, which I believe had to be an 800 or better, so we decided, me and him, to get somebody else to take the test for him.’’

Superfan: A few screws loose, or is he simply the coolest Wolves fan ever?

Superfan Bill Beise, 50, has been a T-Wolves season ticket holder since their first season, 1989. His game rituals include: Lucky stone which all four members of his family must touch before a game; taping a dollar bill to the bottom of his seat; rolling up programs and spending the entire game squatting on the floor, banging program on the ground. The team offered a "Bill Beise bobblehead" promotion in his honor in 2003.

Kevin Garnett likes 2 move it move it.  And I can’t mention KG’s dance moves without also mentioning this infamous video of Mark Madsen.  Is Mad Dog walking it out, or is he doing the two-step?  Probably neither.

Finally, have you ever wanted to join the Timberwolves dance team?  Of course you have!  Well, here are some required qualities of a dance team member:

A Timberwolves Dancer is confident, yet approachable.  She is as intelligent as she is beautiful.  She is fearless and friendly!  Each member of the Timberwolves Dance Team is a classy, feminine woman whose ambition has taken her to the ultimate level of professional dance.
One major aspect of our brand is our look. The look of our team is very specific–small, feminine, sexy and sleek. We don’t do over-the-top hair, makeup and costumes. We aren’t going for a larger than life look…At the same time, we hold true to a certain standard of sophistication, achieving a high level of poise, grace and crowd appeal.

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