Timberwolves Season Wrap-up: “Before the Dawn”

From The Minnesota Timberwolves Den at DeROK.Net:

It seems that the history of the Minnesota Timberwolves is destined to be defined by years.  It took the franchise seven years to earn its first playoff berth.  It took another eight before the Wolves would win a playoff series. And now the earth has spun around the sun three times since this team last played post-season basketball. 

[image] kevin garnett and greg oden
Could a new day be about to break for Kevin Garnett and the Wolves? [image2]

As fans, we have the gift of time.  Seasons come and seasons go. And if it takes the Timberwolves another five years to break out of the lottery, we’ll still be here to cheer them on.  However, there’s one person in particular who doesn’t share that luxury with us.  With twelve seasons under his belt, his career is likely more than half-way over.  At 31 years of age, his prime may last for only three or four more seasons.  And if the Timberwolves continue their trend of taking more than half a decade to switch gears, he faces the prospect of never winning a championship.  Over a decade ago when he burst onto the NBA scene, that seemed an impossibility.  Now, as the leader of a 32-50 team that’s well-over the cap, has few tradable assets, and has two of its future first-round draft picks promised to other teams, retiring without a title appears to be more of a reality every day. With his options dwindling, his odometer spinning, and the clock mercilessly ticking, it’s painfully clear that these are very dark days for Kevin Garnett. 

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