Top 5 KG Moments: A Double Feature

I got stuck with call at the hospital yesterday, so I wasn’t able to post KG moment #3.  So today, I’m putting up a double-feature with moments #2 and #3.

KG Moment #3 – “I’m Losing.”

February 19, 2005

[ad2] When Kevin Garnett sat down for his talk with Jon Thompson, what followed would perhaps be the most candid and emotionally charged interview any sportsman has ever given. I won’t even begin to describe the awesomeness of this interview.  It’s a close of a look as we’ve ever gotten into the heart of a champion.

Watch the Interview

KG Moment #2 – “This Is For You”

November 12, 2000

The night the Timberwolves retired Malik Sealy’s jersey was unquestionably the most emotional night in franchise history.  It easily eclipses the night in which the Wolves defeated the Nuggets to finally make it out of the first round of the playoffs.  Seven years of frustration can’t even begin to compare to the loss the Timberwolves nation felt when Malik was taken from us. 

It was extremely fitting that Kevin Garnett puncuated that evening with what may have been the most spectacular physical feat of his career.  Just seconds into the game, Kevin lept for a rebound, soared high above the basket and slammed the ball down like a tomahawk. KG then pointed to the #2 hanging from the rafters, and in an outburst of anguish, he shouted “This is for you! This is for you! This is for you!”


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