Training Camp Updates

Wolves Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale said
he talked to other teams all summer about deals that would further
transform his team, but called September "a slow, slow, slow month"
while potential trading partners discuss options with other teams and
contemplate the $67 million-plus salary cap.

"We have three or
four deals that are just laying around," McHale said. "Teams are like,
‘If we can do this, we’ll do that.’ At a certain point between now and
Nov. 2, they’re going to get their things in order."


From Zgoda’s article and AP Sports:


Al Jefferson- According to Kevin McHale, there have been "preliminary" talks with his agent about a contract extension. The team has until Oct 31 to sign the player or he’ll become a restricted free agent next summer.


Craig Smith- A sprained ankle is expected to keep him out from the "opening days of training camp" 

Juwan Howard- Coach Wittman said, "He’s never come to me and said, ‘Coach, I want out."’


Chris Richard- McHale said he hasn’t yet accepted the team’s qualifiying offer.


Rashad McCants- "Wittman said McCants is 100 percent healty."


Mark Madsen-  He’s expected to be out for at least another six weeks because of his shoulder injury.
Click here for an NBA Europe Live chat with Randy Foye in which the player talks about his offseason, training camp in Turkey, and Kevin Garnett.

One thing that makes him special is his work ethic. I’ve seen Kevin
Garnett work out for 2 ½ hours on the practice court, then go and work
out for an hour in the weight room, then come back and shoot for
another hour. Not only one day would I see him do this, in a month he
probably does this 20-24 times … with the traveling. He’s just so
gifted. That’s why he’s never hurt. He just takes care of his body and
on the court he gives it his all. He never slacks.
There’s also a chat with Coach Wittman on the Garnett trade, the preseason abroad, and criticism of McHale.  

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor will get a good look at his team. He plans on traveling with them throughout Turkey and England.

Their game against Boston and Kevin Garnett is already sold out in London.


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