Where Have I Been?

For those of you who visit this site on a frequent basis, you’ve probably noticed a significant drop-off in the number of blog posts lately.  The truth is, when I envisioned this site I figured that I would only update it when I had something valuable to say.  Then two months later, I found myself making 5-6 posts a day and spending waaaaay more time on this blog then I’d ever counted on.  So I’m making a concentrated effort to cut back.  I figure most of you know where the Strib and Pioneer Press can be found, so you really don’t need me reposting articles and links to there on a daily basis.  So from now on, I’m only planning on posting when I feel the post will truly add something. 

If this slower pace doesn’t meet your need for a Timberwolves fix, why not try out our forum?  The links above, and there’s lots of T-Wolves discussion going on!

So what have I been up to on my posting hiatus?  Well, I’ve taken the time to do some more regular updates on DeROK.Net.  Two things that may be of interest to you, although they’ve got nothing to do with the Wolves, are my 24 Season 6 Running Diary, and my coverage of the Patriots/Colts AFC Championship matchup this Sunday.  Here are the links:

24 Season 6 Running Diary

Pats/Colts AFC Championship

And by the way, stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil really hurts and will not make anything better.  I learned this lesson all too late after the Wolves debacle against Atlanta.

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