Wolves 87, Hawks 94

From the AP recap:
Things couldn’t have gone much better for the Timberwolves in the first half. Jefferson and Antoine Walker combined to hit all 11 of their shots and they led by 18 points at halftime and 11 to start the fourth quarter.
But once again, these young Wolves couldn’t come up with enough offense in crunch time as they lost their fifth straight.
Wolves record: 1-10

The Wolves scored 35 points in the second quarter alone, then managed
just 12 in each of the final two quarters. The Hawks clamped down on
Jefferson, who had 18 points before halftime and five points after it.
And the Wolves once again this season settled for far too many jump
shots that didn’t fall on a night when Hawks veteran guard Tyronn Lue
revived his team with a performance off the bench.
The Timberwolves choked away a 21-point lead en
route to a historical loss, 94-87, to the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday
night at Target Center. That blown margin tied the third-biggest
cave-in in franchise history.
After the game, as has become normal routine in the Target Center, Coach Wittman had no answers for his team’s inability to win this game. He looked just as confused as the young players he coaches. Coach Woodson, on the other hand, projected confidence before and during the game. I don’t believe it’s coincidence his team came away with a W. 
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site posted a game summary as well as postgame audio with assistant coach Bob Ociepka.
Timberwolves Today has a post-game audio wrap up. 
Sekou Smith/ Atlanta Journal-Constitution with an article on the loss.  
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