Wolves Notes: Huddy, Jaric, Big Al

Those of you who read my little bio thingy know that I’m
one of 78 people nationwide
 who bought Troy
Hudson’s album, "Undrafted," in its
first week of release.  I was also one of the 38 people in Minneapolis who bought it.

Here’s my theory about why the album failed…T-Hud’s a
freaking hypocrite.  One of his songs is titled "I’m a Gangsta," which is, of
course, a very inventive and original song name.  But anyways, another song
is titled "***** Whipped."  There’s
nothing gangsta about that
, people.

T-Hud…you’ve gotta stop sending these mixed messages! 
Which one is it: Are you a gangsta, or are you…well, you know.  Because you can’t have it both ways.  It’s one or the other.

It’s like saying you’re a Republican senator AND a heterosexual. 
Clearly, you can’t be both.  It’s just not possible.

Sporting News
 released a list of the most overpayed NBA players, with Theo Ratliff
being the lone T-Wolf on the list.  My question: Why wasn’t Marko Jaric included in the list?

As many of you may know, Marko Jaric annoys me.  A lot.  As far as I’m
concerned, he’d be overpaid if his yearly salary was 50 bucks.

Here’s what never fails to
absolutely stun me about Jaric: He’s
done NOTHING with the Timberwolves, he
makes a ridiculous amount of money…and yet, he has no trouble complaining to
the media when he’s unhappy. 

If I inked a six-year, $38 million deal, and did NOTHING
to earn that cash, I would keep my freaking mouth shut. 

He’s an obscenely overpaid
player, and should have been on TSN’s
list.  Here’s what Glen Taylor is getting for over six million bucks per
year with Marko: 1.  One of the most
incompetent point guards I’ve ever
seen in the NBA, 2. Someone who makes countless mistakes and judgement
errors and gives tons of opportunities to the opposition, and 3. A cancer in the
locker room.

Marko Jaric is just not a winning ballplayer.  Try
to imagine him on a championship team.  It will simply never happen.  He’s just not
the kind of guy that WINNING teams have on their roster.

*All right…enough about him.  I can only stomach so
much Jaric talk.  Let’s switch gears, and give
some credit to Al Jefferson
, who bought lunch and school supplies for the kids caught on the 35-W bridge when it collapsed.

Al’s only been with the Timberwolves for about a
month, but it’s already clear that he’s a total class-act.  Bravo to Big Al.

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