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In the aftermath of the Kevin Garnett trade, Wolves fans were left with a roster full of strangers.  In addition to losing KG, the Timberwolves cut ties with Mike James, Bracey Wright, Troy Hudson, Trenton Hassell, Ricky Davis, and Mark Blount.  As the roster currently stands, only Mark Madsen, Marko Jaric, and Rashad McCants were Timberwolves two seasons ago.  And counting players who suited up for the team last year only takes one hand as Randy Foye and Craig Smith are the only players to join those three.  What’s even more mind-boggling is the fact that after Wednesday’s trade which sent Davis and Blount to Miami, the T-Wolves had managed to add eleven new players to their roster this off-season.  In order to make the "getting to know you" period a little easier, the folks here at TWolvesBlog decided to put together a set of profiles on some of the Wolves up-and-coming players.  We posted a new profile each day as a countdown to the start of the season.  This post contains a link to each of those articles so that those of you who missed the pieces during their original run can view them.

Al Jefferson
Randy Foye
Ryan Gomes
Craig Smith
Corey Brewer
Rashad McCants
Gerald Green
Chris Richard
Sebastian Telfair

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