Wolves Updates 10/11 Part 2

Steve Greenberg/Sporting News on observing and talking to Al Jefferson at the team’s practice facility:
Best of all, from Jefferson himself: "After my
rookie year, I think the hype went to my head. I didn’t work as hard as
I should have. I came into my second year feeling like I had it made,
but I wasn’t in shape. I blew it. So the next offseason, I worked out
every day, watched what I ate, lost 30 pounds and had a breakout year.
All I am about now is work out every day, no fried food, no sweets,
Subway all the time, work on my left hand, shoot 100 free throws a day,
be a leader and become an All-Star. That’s it, man. Once again, take
care of your game and the game takes care of you."
Stephen Litel/Downtown Journal on the preseason game against the Celtics and a question he asked Coach Wittman on Mark Blount. 
"In the locker room in Minnesota, you had one or two
people really being the voice," said Hudson, who played for five
seasons with the Timberwolves. "KG (Kevin Garnett), he did a great job,
and he was a person you would listen to … but here it’s more of a
collective unit…"
At Hoopsworld, Trent Hassell talks about not playing with Garnett and joining the Mavs.  
Keith Firmin/SLAM Online with notes on yesterday’s game.     
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