Wolves Updates 10/11

The sobering reality is that, without belittling the chance for
improvement, the Wolves are offering spirited competitions between the
inept and the clueless for key positions on the court, without any way
of distinguishing between growing pains and permanently rude
Chuck Culpepper/Star Tribune on a post-game question posed to the players by a Lithuanian journalist:
As helpless as the Wolves had looked in their 92-81 exhibition loss to
the Boston Celtics at the O2 Arena, he explained, they certainly could
not beat good European teams from, say, Moscow and Tel Aviv.
"No, I’m serious," he said as laughter gathered.
And if they could not beat good European teams from, say, Moscow and Tel Aviv, how did they expect to compete in the NBA? 
On Garnett: 

He looked up in the early going, well before the Celtics broke away
late in the second quarter for a 50-43 halftime lead that would become
65-48 soon thereafter.

"And I was like, Minnesota was ahead and Boston was losing," and he thought he’d need to help catch up.
"And I caught myself," he said.
KSTP on the team’s new marketing efforts:
Team Vice President Ted Johnson said there would be several new faces to watch for.
"If we can show the public who this team is, let them
get to know some of the personalities of our players, we’re confident
that fans are going to come in to watch a great style of basketball,"
said Johnson.
The team has sold nearly 8,000 season tickets. The same
number of tickets was purchased in 2006 when Garnett was still in

Kevin McHale, who oversees a beleaguered Timberwolves basketball operation, doesn’t sound like a guy thinking about retirement. In fact, McHale sounds energized and enthusiastic.

"I’m excited about this year, and we’ll see where it goes," said the Wolves VP, who is paid $1 million a year on a handshake deal with team owner Glen Taylor…

Pssst: The Timberwolves are considering taking in a California investor.

Alan Horton, who called WNBA games for the Seattle Storm and
served as a studio host for the SuperSonics on radio, has been hired to
do play-by-play for Timberwolves games on BOB 106 FM.  


David Friedman/20 Second Timeout and Brett Edwards/Fanhouse on yesterday’s game against the Celtics.  
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