Wolves Updates 10/13

In an amusing recap of the preseason game against the Celtics, ShamSports points out that Rashad McCants "chews his gum with way too much gusto" and that Al Jefferson needs to "shave off the beard." On the Wolves bench at the end of the first quarter, they write:
Juwan Howard comes off the bench to greet the players
coming off the court, and puts his arm around Gerald Green, doing the
Mr-Miyagi-Daniel-san thing for which he is there. He slaps Gerald on
the arse. Then he rubs his arse in a circular motion. Then he slaps it
twice more. This didn’t need to happen. The athletic bumslap NEVER
needs to happen. But if you are ever compelled to do it, just do it
once. Anything more and it turns awkward. Juwan has proven this.
Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld with observations on the team post- overseas training camp.  
Battle Of The Bloggers No. 5 – Who will lead the team in points, assists, and rebounds.
Jason M. Williams/RealGM with a preview of the Wolves and the teams in the Northwest Division.  
Al Jefferson and Rashad McCants were at "Tubby’s Tipoff" at the University of Minnesota on Friday night.
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