Wolves Updates 10/16 Part 2

Sekou Smith/Atlanta Journal-Constitution with a look at the Hawks roster the Wolves will face tonight in Atlanta. 
Click here for the game thread in the forum.  
Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld talks to Corey Brewer about the player’s adjustment to the NBA.  
You think Ricky Davis isn’t gonna take a ton of shots this year? Between KG being gone, a team full of young T’wolves who will naturally defer to a veteran, the high likelihood that Minnesota will be trying to shoot their way back into a lot of games, and the fact that he didn’t earn the nickname “Ricky Buckets” for his passing, it’s gonna be like watching the first half of Juwanna Mann when Jamal Jackson/Juwanna Mann was playing 1-on-5 all the time. Oh, and did we mention that Rick is in a contract year?


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