Wolves Updates 10/16 Part 3

But unless Foye can stay with the lightning bugs and bear the scoring
load at off-guard, it seems like Marko’s fragile confidence, referred
to by Taylor, may be destined to take another hit. Bottom line, lack of
a classic point guard to provide a steadying influence remains the
largest of the Wolves’ many problems heading into this season.
Certainly, it remains to be seen how the rest of the preseason unfolds,
but to this point it can be safely assumed Rashad McCants has earned a
higher standing in the rotation of guards than Green. Hopefully, with
McCants now showing somewhat of a reason for hope, Green will be given
those minutes for the duration of the preseason to see if he is able to
grow up on the basketball court.
Marty Burns/SI.com on Al Jefferson and the other unsigned members of the Class of 2004.
David Thorpe/ESPN ranks Corey Brewer #8 on his list of rookie of the year candidates.  
Brewer is a lot like Thornton in that he plays incredibly hard and is
an elite athlete, but he has not yet developed a strong shooter’s
stroke or a scorer’s feel.
He makes this list as a projected starter (in the near future) who will
fill up a stat sheet. In addition, he makes a lot happen on defense and
does the little things that go beyond the box score.
With an improved jumper, Brewer could finish in the top three by year’s end.
The Wolves site has an audio breakdown of tonight’s matchup against the Hawks.
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