Wolves Updates 10/17 Part 2

Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld talks to Mark Blount about the player’s role with the team. 
I continue to believe the starting lineup for the Timberwolves on
opening night will be Randy Foye, Ricky Davis, Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson
and Mark Blount. That does not mean, however, these are the players who
will receive the most minutes on the team.
The Heat has been speaking with the agent for Cavaliers restricted free agent guard/small forward Sasha Pavlovic,
and Miami interests him. But sign-and-trade talks haven’t produced a
deal. Also available via trade, according to one GM: Utah’s Gordon Giricek and Minnesota’s Ricky Davis.
Thomas never hid his desire to land Garnett, and the Knicks made a bid that was rebuffed.
And although Thomas would never admit it, you get the idea that he buys
into Jackson’s theory that the relationship between Ainge and McHale is
the reason why Garnett, the perennial All-Star power forward, ended up
in Boston and not New York, Los Angeles or Phoenix.
This seems to be the theme heading into the start of the regular season. Minnesota’s Al Jefferson is looking for a lucrative contract extension from his new team, just as Ben Gordon and Luol Deng are in Chicago. The Timberwolves are prepared to negotiate with Jefferson after the season if the Halloween deadline comes and goes, but Al’s price might be a lot higher after he gets the run of the roost in Minnesota. Kevin McHale would be smart to lock Big Al up now, but he’s never one to go by the book.
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