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Ryan Gomes will have a daily diary at the Star Tribune for the length of the team’s training camp. From today’s "entry":
"Our hotel is like staying in a castle. It reminds me of reading about the ancient times of Western civilization back when I was in school. You can see the river from our rooms, and you can sit out on the balcony and watch all the boats going back and forth [from one continent to the other].
"We haven’t had any time to do any sightseeing yet, but you see so much just from our bus when we go to practice twice a day. It took us an hour to get to the arena this morning because there was a car turned upside down in one lane of a two-lane highway. Istanbul traffic is even worse than Boston traffic is."


Forward Craig Smith probably won’t practice with the team this week because of a sprained ankle. And it’s doubtful he will see action in London next week, Wittman said. But the ankle is healing well.
The protective boot was removed Monday, and Smith worked with a trainer.
Point guard Randy Foye is one of the few Wolves who had been to Turkey.
He even practiced at the gym the Wolves are using, during the World University Games in his college days..
Michael Grange/Globe and Mail on NBA Europe Live: 
The NBA reduces the financial risk by underwriting most of the cost of the trip. The league pays the commercial travel expenses for a party of 40, and pays participating teams an appearance fee for each game (typically between $75,000 and $150,000 when they play on the road in exhibition season; the average is about $85,000).
Stephen Litel/Downtown Journal on the three players who stood out on first day of training camp at the Target Center:
Sebastian Telfair was hitting his shots, making solid passes and running at a very high speed, all while helping Gerald Green to battle through his tired legs.
While running unlike I’ve seen in years from him, Juwan Howard kept pushing Mark Blount and Ryan Gomes to impress the coaching staff.
Disgruntled Marko Jaric was by far the loudest cheerleader of his team. He seemed to be so impressed, a smile or two actually formed on his face. 
David DuPree/USA Today on each team’s key issue. For the Wolves:
Did they get enough for Kevin Garnett? 
Pssst: The Timberwolves’ trip to Istanbul was set up a year ago with Kevin Garnett (since traded) to be the featured attraction in Turkey.
Timberwolves executive radio producer Bill Hohenecker, who has resigned, worked more than 1,100 games for the team.


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