Wolves Updates 10/22 Part 3

NBA.com lists the Wolves at #28 in its first power rankings on season.
The T-Wolves aren’t that young. They’ve vets Juwan Howard, Ricky Davis
and Theo Ratliff in the rotation. And Al Jefferson does have three
years of NBA experience under his belt.
Stephen Litel/Downtown Journal on team changes he’d like to see this week. 
Tom Ziller/Fanhouse on the Class of 2004 extensions.
If Jefferson’s asking for max money right now, Minnesota’s smart for
not giving it to him. Say they don’t get an extension done by next week
and Big Al becomes an RFA next summer. The market (or perhaps one
stupid GM) decides if he’s worth max money. If the market says ‘yes,’
you match the offer sheet. If the market says ‘no’ (due to a poor year
or a lack of free agency dollars out there), you work out a deal with
the protection of a qualifying offer…
Conrad Brunner/Pacers.com on Fred Hoiberg:
Though he is fit, active and energetic, Hoiberg said his health is
"always going to be an issue." He has a pacemaker, must get an
echocardiogram every six months and likely will need another open-heart
surgery to repair a leaky valve.
"The fortunate thing for me is I found the really dangerous thing when
I did," he said. "Had I not gone in for a life insurance exam I never
would’ve found out about my heart condition until it was too late. I
was basically out there playing with a ticking time-bomb in my chest.
I’m very fortunate to not only find out when I did, I’m fortunate to be
alive right now."
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