Wolves Updates 10/23 Part 2

Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld will be blogging from tonight’s game against Indiana.
When asked if the Knicks were ever in the Garnett sweepstakes, Knicks coach Isiah Thomas said: "The hottest it ever got was with Boston. I think it was a deal that they had together [with Minnesota], then it was in the media and then it cooled down and then they were able to put it back together again. But I don’t think [the Wolves] were ever serious with anyone else in terms of moving him."


The Wolves eight players on the roster right now who are 25 years old
or younger, and they have less than two weeks to figure out where
everyone fits before the games starting counting in the standings.
Warren Blatt/The Sports Network writes that McHale "did the right thing by trading Garnett" in his season preview of the team. 
Like the title of a popular song during WWII, the T-Wolves are either too young or too old… 
Ian Thomsen/SI.com lists Al Jefferson on his "9 Youngsters To Watch Not Named Kevin Durant" list. 
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