Wolves Updates 10/24 Part 2

Riley said he continues exploring upgrading the roster, ”but it’s not easy.” A Minnesota official said Miami was among the teams it talked to about Ricky Davis.

Like watching an over hyped film, the 2007-08 Wolves’ slogan: See What They Can Do, fails to live up to its silly billing. 
Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld asked Juwan Howard if any of his young teammates had surprised him:

Oh, Ryan Gomes. I really like Ryan Gomes. He does all the small things,
the intangibles. You know, I’m big on that. He’s a guy, of course, you
don’t even have to draw up a play for and he’ll get you eight
rebounds–four being offensive–and score 10-12 points without even
drawing a play up for him. More importantly, his basketball IQ. He
understands the game. I’m a big Ryan Gomes fan.
Tim Kawakami/San Jose Mercury News talks to Golden State’s Chris Mullin on the Warriors offer for Garnett this summer.  
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