Wolves Updates 10/3 Part 2

The young guys are doing well. Cory Brewer is everything that we
expected, bringing defense and energy to our team. Sebastian Telfair
has shown the ability to pressure the ball and run the team. Gerald
Green makes an unbelievable athletic play every practice. Chris Richard
brings a physical presence inside and is not afraid to bang against
anyone. Randy Foye has the confidence of a year under his belt and the
new players from Boston have added savvy and experience as well as
low-post scoring. Our only incident so far was last night when Chris
Richard dunked the ball so hard that it broke a bolt in the rim and we
had to cut practice short. I don’t think he did it on purpose…
Mark Narducci/HoopsHype on Ricky Davis’ charitable contributions 
Just ask Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak, who Davis has
partnered with to help in the Minneapolis Promise program. This program
has served several thousand youngsters by setting up a career center, a
summer job program and free college tuition. It has been funded with
private and city funds and Davis has recently gotten on board.
“Ricky Davis is not only a great player, but he is doing great work in
the community,” Rybak said. “I have found him to be so compassionate
and humble.”
The Mayor also says:
“It’s doubtful that I will ever be a Timberwolf,” Rybak said, “but it is likely one day that Ricky could be a mayor.”
Wolves PR Director Mike Cristaldi also reports back from Turkey:
For over a month prior to the official start of training camp, a
majority of the Timberwolves returned to the Twin Cities for voluntary
workouts. It was during this time the jumpstarting of team chemistry
began. After the trade that sent Kevin Garnett to Boston, chemistry
becomes even more important than before, as well as players embracing
new roles.
Tony Mejia/CBS Sportsline ranks the top 50 players for the upcoming season and puts Al Jefferson at #50.
Paul Pierce made it possible for
Jefferson to get a little breathing room in the paint in Boston, but he
might not have that luxury with the Timberwolves. Teams are going to
collapse on him in the post, but that’s only going to make him better
down the road. For now, though, he’s in for more losing.
Anyone who knows both Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins [stats] knew it wouldn’t be an issue, but the two players did have some history before they were united on the Celtics.
It happened last February, when Garnett woofed at Perkins, who was on the bench and returned fire then and afterward.
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