Wolves Updates 10/3 Part 3

Greg Buckner was disappointed the Mavs traded him to Minnesota on Friday, and making matters more complex was the fact the Timberwolves were bound for training camp the next day — in Istanbul, Turkey. 
Buckner’s agent informed him that he technically had a week to join the
T’wolves if he needed more time, but Buckner immediately flew to
Minneapolis to join his new teammates.
As a parting gift, Buckner will receive a bonus of about $560,000, 5
percent of the more than $11 million left on his contract, as part of a
trade kicker negotiated into his deal with the Mavs.
The trade kicker, unusual for a mid-level salary player such as Buckner, is typically split between the two teams.
On his own blog, Mad Dog writes on sightseeing in Turkey and how Gerald Green is "an amazing talent."
Mike Moreau/Hoospworld writes that the Wolves "made out like bandits" in the Garnett trade 
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site posted a video interview with Ryan Gomes in which the player talks about the upcoming season, his wedding, and his love of 50 Cent and poker.  
Today, as part of the NBA Cares love-tour currently making its way
around Europe, the Timberwolves held an Adidas Court Dedication in
In a chat on ESPN , J.A. Adande is asked if the Wolves are the worst team in the leauge. 
Yes, and Kevin McHale’s continued employment is just as mystifying as Isiah Thomas’ 
In John Hollinger’s ESPN chat, he says about the Wolves that "we know they’ll stink." Hollinger is also asked if the team is "going to be able to turn Ricky Davis into a Rafer
Alston, Carlos Arroyo, or Jason Williams and be able to package Jaric
or Blount with Davis."
That’s the idea, with Davis and one of the dead weight contracts to
Miami for Doleac and Williams being the most workable pairing. However,
I think Riley wants to exhaust all options before going that route. He
already traded Davis once (straight-up for Chris Gatling, no less) and
I’m not sure he’s much of a fan. 
Click here for some of the players’ responses to the media day questions.   
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