Wolves Updates 10/3

From Mark Madsen’s training camp blog at the Pioneer Press:

Towards the end of our second practice tonight, Chris Richard went up and dunked the ball. I was actually on the side getting treatment on my shoulder and I had my face down on the training table. So, I didn’t see it, but I heard a huge crash. I looked over and he had actually broken the rim. Chris Richard had actually broken the rim! So, I hear the crash, and then I look down on the court and I see a little bolt rolling toward me at halfcourt. Then I turn and see that the basket at the far end is broken. Two seconds later, one of the banners on the wall falls down…
Ryan Gomes also updates his diary at the Star Tribune:

Tomorrow, I’ll get to see more of the city. Theo Ratliff, Fred Hoiberg
and I will dedicate a refurbished school basketball court and do a
little clinic for the kids. It’s part of the NBA Cares program, and I’m
looking forward to getting out and seeing a different part of the city
and meeting some of the people here.
After a rigorous workout routine, Smith looks more
sculpted than ever, even more toned than he appeared at the Las Vegas
summer league in July. Smith has improved his strength and stamina as
he begins his second NBA season, coach Randy Wittman said.
Smith weighs 255 pounds. He was listed at 272 last season. More than numbers, the change in his body is striking…
Newcomer Greg Buckner has been a pleasant surprise, providing strong leadership in training camp, Wittman said…
John Hollinger/ESPN with a team forecast that includes a 2006-2007 recap, offseason moves, biggest strengths (frontcourt scoring) and weaknesses (management), and outlook for the upcoming season ("not good").
Look for Dwane Casey, who still has a year of
salary coming on his Timberwolves coaching contract, to take a job as a
college basketball TV analyst for the coming season.
Kevin Garnett, traded by the Timberwolves to the Boston Celtics in July, still owns two houses in Orono.

I’m coming to learn that the hardest part of a rebuilding process is
not getting over the magnitude of someone like KG, but dealing with all
of the casualties that come with it. The Hassell/Buckner deal is
clearly just a swap for a more manageable contract. Glen Taylor give me
something to live for.

It’s not a first for Randy Foye or Craig Smith to play together for the
Minnesota Timberwolves; they were teammates in Turkey with an All-Star
team in college.
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