Wolves Updates 10/4 Part 2

In the latest installment of the Rhino Diaries, Craig Smith talks about how he got his nickname from the team’s "Name The Rookies" contest last season. Smith also reports back on some of the team’s recent activities: 
During the bus-ride back to the Istanbul castle that we’re staying in,
Al (Jefferson) and Gerald (Green) had their joking session on each
other, in which Gerald said Al’s nose is so big he could smell a
thousand miles away. Al came back by saying Gerald looks like Juvenile
(the rapper who used to be with Cash Money Records … If you don’t
know who he is or what he looks like Google him, it’s funny).

People in the Midwest are a typically patient bunch, but there isn’t
much willingness to wait for Minnesota’s teams to turn around their
struggles and perform at a consistently better level.
The Old Timberwolves Logo – Giving Foye A Shot 
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site posts video of an interview with Randy Foye from media day.  
The Wolves come in last in John Denton/Hoopsworld’s power rankings.  
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