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From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:

Rashad McCants practiced the majority of the morning
practice but one of his hamstring’s became sore again, and he was
forced to sit out. It’s hard to say, Wittman said, whether McCants will
play during Saturday’s exhibition game against Turkish team Efes Pilsen
in Istanbul. But the coach didn’t sound optimistic.
I knew from watching Corey Brewer in college at Florida that he was a
great defensive player, but he has really shown that here in camp. He
probably stood out the most in our scrimmage tonight…
Also from the Star Tribune:
Smith, recovering from a sprained ankle suffered last week in
preseason workouts, is working out on his own enough that Wittman now
says he thinks Smith might return to participate in practice when the
team reaches London next week.
During a media conference call, Coach Wittman talked about the differences between Craig Smith and Chris Richard:
Totally different players. Craig is a more skilled player offensively.
He’s got more swagger to his offensive game. Chris is more of a banger,
a guy that’s going to get to where he wants to get if he has to run
through a wall. Craig can beat you and deceive you with moves and
different things. That’s the main difference. Craig can put the ball on
the floor I think a little bit better right now than Chris, but Chris
takes up space and from a defensive standpoint has been really good.
It really made us feel good to give back of our time to this community here, and hopefully this is the first of many trips to Turkey. Hopefully the NBA can return to not only Istanbul, but also Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Hopefully we can get over to Saudi Arabia, and hopefully if things stabilize we can get over to the Pakistan/India area. I think it would be great for the game. 
Via Mavs Moneyball, a short Q&A with Trent Hassell in which the player says about his new team that he’s "just happy to be here in this situation on a great team."
TNABACG with the 25 worst losses in Minnesota sports. (Via RandBall
Dwane Casey, the former head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves and
longtime assistant to Nate McMillan in Seattle, stopped by the Trail
Blazers practices the past two days. 
But McMillan and general manager Kevin Pritchard said there is nothing
to read into Casey’s presence other than a friend stopping by to watch
some basketball.
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