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Today’s Zaman on Efes Pilsen:
Efes Pilsen is one of EuroLeague basketball’s
most consistent teams having made the Final Four in 2000 and finishing
one step short of the Final Four from 2002 to 2006. The team is often
called the “Pride of Turkey.” Efes has won 12 Turkish league titles
including four consecutive titles between 2002 and 2005. They are
seven-time Turkish Cup winners and became the first Turkish club team
to win European silver when they won the 1996 Korac Cup. 
MNSportsFans.com points out that Theo Ratliff is currently listed as the team’s captain.
Meanwhile, the NBA’s crusade in Europe is not all about playing, but
also in line with the league’s social responsibility policy. The
cooperation by the NBA Cares institution and Adidas resulted in the
opening of a couple of new basketball courts in Istanbul. One of them
was in Fındıkzade Educational Park and was opened with the
participation of Ryan Gomes and Theo Ratliff.
"I know the pleasure of playing at a brand new court," said Gomes. "Hope you enjoy it, too." The forward advised young players to work hard in order to realize their dreams and then, alongside Ratliff and former NBA stars BJ Armstrong and Fred Hoiberg showed a handful of basketball moves to them. 
Ryan Gomes updates his diary at the Star Tribune.
Also from the Star Tribune:
Third-year guard Rashad McCants participated in Friday morning’s
workout — the team’s only practice of the day — but he is not
expected to play tonight as a precaution. He has been bothered this
week by cramps and a sore hamstring.
Randy Hill/Fox Sports on the possible outcomes from offseason moves.

The Minnesota Timberwolves trade Kevin Garnett for Al Jefferson and Gerald Green

In one fell swoop, the T-Wolves bagged someone who’ll at least be
pretty good for many years and another kid who may provide some cred in
the slam-dunk contest.

Green, the reigning NBA Slam Dunk Champion, has been one of the most requested players for interviews while here in Turkey.

"It ain’t a big
deal for me to get traded," said Hassell, who is as down-to-earth as
they come. "I’m just one of those guys who can help a team defensively
with energy. I’m not one of the players that you might read about or
talk about all the time. For Garnett, that shocked me because … all
that I know about Minnesota is Big Ticket."
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