Wolves Updates 10/8 Part 2

KG on facing the Wolves in Wednesday’s preseason game in London:
"A lot of players are gone now," Garnett said. "It makes it a little
more easy just knowing that a lot of people I did grow with are not
Myles Brown/SLAM Online previews the Wolves upcoming season:
Prediction: The T’Wolves have the talent to compete
with the second tier of both Conferences, but they’re outmatched
against just as many teams…
At least four teams, including the Bulls, were said to have offered superior deals to the one Boston made, though McHale is telling people Al Jefferson will be a superstar. Of course, McHale is also telling people he’s the Timberwolves’ general manager, which few believe. … 
Wolves PR Director Mike Cristaldi with notes on Saturday’s game against Efes Pilsen.
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